Ivösjön is a lake located both in Bromley Municipality and the Municipality of Kristianstad in southern Sweden. The lake is Scania’s largest lake, is 50 meters deep and is located 5 meters above sea level.

The area around Ivösjön is one of the fossils in the world richest and skeletons of dinosaurs have been found here, among other things. There are plans for a fossil museum in the neighborhood.

Ivösjön is also very interesting for anglers, as it proved to be Sweden’s most species-rich fisksjö with about 25-30 species caught.

The lake is Scania’s largest island, Ivön, Ivön was a medieval bishop’s seat. Bishop basement is a ruin from this period. On Ivön is also a kaolinbrott which was the origin of the ceramic industry in more than a century been in Bromley. The island has two popular camping sites with international guests in summer. Around Ivösjön there is also lots of cottages that are rented in summer.

Some accommodation Ivösjön (External links will open in new window):

Large house near Ivösjön. Located in a rural setting
Newly renovated cottage near Ivösjön. Perfect for larger groups