What is a hostel?

A hostel is situated. Originally, it was mainly hikers and bikers and families who took in the hostel, but today it is something that can suit everyone. Many hostel is beautifully situated and provides a freedom that many covet.

In the hostel there is usually the possibility of breakfast, sheets and towels and possibly the opportunity to make their own meals in the small kitchen. The standard of the Swedish hostel is very high, while prices are low.

In Sweden there are approximately 2,000 hostel. A third of these are connected to some kind of organization, either STF (Swedish Tourist Association) or SVIF (Swedish hostel association). Most hostels are only open certain parts of the year. There is even an international organization for those who run hostels, this is called Hostelling International.

Sweden’s first hostel was opened in 1933 in Gränna. Then cost an overnight 50 cents.

Just as the name says so meant hostel suit hikers.